How to see if a garage door company is legitimate

A legitimate garage door company will conduct their business in a certain way and will go out of their way to answer all your questions.
After you have researched a company online and asked for recommendations from family and friends, you can contact the company directly. Here is what you should look for:
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How to choose between an attached and detached garage

When it is time to build a new garage, you will be confronted with some decisions. These might seem like straightforward choices because the main function of a garage is to house your cars. However, you will use your garage daily, and it may serve as a workshop, storage space and leisure area in addition to acting as a “carport.”
One of the most important decisions is whether to build a detached or attached garage. There are pros and cons to each of these designs. What is the best choice in your specific situation?
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4 Things You Must Inspect on Your Garage Door Every 3 Months

Whether or not you are the DIY type, there are several steps you can take to ensure your garage door operates without fail, and without calling in the experts. None of these steps are complex or challenging, and together they require less than 20 minutes of your time. In this brief article, we are going to look at four things you can inspect or check on a quarterly basis (every three months or so) to be certain that the entire garage door system is working properly.
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What is Your Dream Garage Like?

Did you know that most garage owners have a dream vision for the space? Did you also know that not many get that dream? With years of stuff piling up and no real motivation to make a big change, that dream seems farther away each year. Yet the design and building enthusiasts at the HOUZZ website offer up some great tips and inspiring images to help you get started on making that dream garage a reality.
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5 garage door repairs that you should leave to the professionals

Maybe you’ve noticed your garage door is a little slow and is making some weird noises at times. You want to know what’s causing the problem and are all ready to go and investigate the situation. Before doing that, read the following. There are five situations where you should not try to repair a part on your own as you could be seriously injured or otherwise put yourself at risk.
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Painting the Interior of Your Garage

If you have just made the wise choice of giving your garage a good cleaning, you might as well continue with a new paint job! Before you just into this project with both feet, you should take some time to plan out the materials and the steps necessary to pull it off like the pros.
A primary consideration is where you will keep the largest items in your garage. You do not want to leave them outside where they are not protected. You can consider storing them at a friend’s house nearby who has the space available for a while or go to a self-storage unit. Regardless, you will also need a way to get the items there.
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Should You Insulate Your Non-Insulated Garage Door?

You’ve created the perfect space in your garage with insulated walls and ceilings and you’ve created a place where you enjoy doing your DIY projects or just hanging out. But, there’s one problem that keeps your garage from being a perfect project space – your non-insulated garage door. Is it worth it to insulate your garage door or should you just get a new one?
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Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Garage Door

How long have you had your old garage door? If you’ve had it for more than a decade or so, it is probably time to get something new. Even if the door is newer, there could be a host of reasons that you might want to get a new garage door for your home. You have probably been doing some research on the types of garage doors. If so, then you have probably discovered just how confusing it can be. It doesn’t have to be. You can distill your needs into four basic factors in most cases.
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