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Getting to the point where you are ready to start your garage door is always exciting. When you’re there, you need to get a good cost estimate and an idea of what the project will entail.

Good planning

One tool that you may want to take advantage of is our Design Centre. You can go there right now and you can actually make a model of the garage door that you have in mind, which is very easy to do. This can be very helpful in making decisions about what kind of a garage door you want and, of course, what you are likely to pay for getting the options and the features that you want.

The professionals at International Door Corp can use many other materials to help you make a good decision. Photographs are always helpful. To make sure that color matches are accurate, getting swatches of your exterior color, window color and front door color are all very good ideas. You can also bring in plans, drawings and anything else you think will be helpful in providing information about your garage and what kind of a garage door option you should be looking at. If you want to know about products such as LiftMaster™ garage door openers, we can also show you how those might be integrated into your project.

Showroom to reality

In Lewiston our showroom is the best place to get an idea of what products are available for garage doors and the latest trends in the market. When you come in, we can also help you narrow down your selection by getting some basic information. For instance:

  • What is the architectural style of your home?
  • Does your neighborhood have any limitations on what you can do?
  • Were you thinking of windows or not?
  • Do you use your garage to store your car or as a living space?
  • Is there a room located above where the garage door would open?

These types of questions are almost universal where garage door projects are concerned. Whether new or old construction is being discussed, these are all concerns that everybody has to address and we can help you do so, all the way through the product selection process.

When you come into the showroom, you can see all of the products in person. We strongly encourage you to do so, as seeing color, texture, window detail and other elements in person is much more useful for getting accurate information about your project. If what you had in mind turns out not to be the best option, we can certainly help you make any changes that you need to get exactly the garage door that is suitable for your home.

Getting information

We can give you informational brochures and other materials that apply to anything you find on our showroom floor in which you have an interest. We would even go ahead and prepare an estimate for you, with no obligation on your part, so you have a solid figure to work from and so that you can make sure that you are keeping to your budget.

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