April 27, 2018

5 Steps to Make Moving Much Easier…Including the Garage

Moving Box

If you have ever moved out of a home with a garage, you might remember the garage as that last, nearly nightmarish hurdle to clear before you were done. However, did you know that if you tackle it first, you not only eliminate most of the “throw away” items you never use, but you create an ideal working space for moving’s many challenges.

So, whether you are planning a move in a few weeks or months, here are five steps for making it much easier.

#1 Start with What You Have

You have to start somewhere, and whether that is in the house or garage, the best place to start is to look at what you have and categorize it into four groups:

  1. The group of things you intend to bring with you
  2. A group of items you will sell via a yard sale, online or through another channel
  3. The group of items you intend to donate
  4. The famous “throw away” group to head to recycling or the garbage

And if you experience any twinges or “maybe, I’ll use it” moments – remember you probably thought that when you put it away and never used it, so handle such moments by eliminating the questionable items.

#2 Be Prepared for the Job

We usually say, packing and moving, but typically forget that packing really does mean packing. To be fully prepared for the job ahead (whether emptying the garage or tackling the home), be sure you have bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, lots of newspaper and padding materials, and 2″ shipping or packing tape.

#3 Have Plans for Items That Cannot Be Wrapped

Do you have things that might be tricky to move? Cans of paint? Gear with gas tanks or fuel chambers (i.e. a lawn mower or lawn equipment)? Actual cans of gas? Anything that is flammable or risky needs to be accounted for before you get too involved in preparing to move. If your movers cannot transport a propane tank, make plans to properly recycle or return it, and so on. You may simply have to empty gear with gas tanks to ensure they are safely transported.

#4 Prepare to Label for Easier Relocation

You probably pack many things in the room they were used or stored, but why not also color code the boxes and labels to make sure movers put them right where they belong in the new place? Just use a different color marker for each room and get them to their destination effortlessly. Also remember to note FRAGILE items to avoid damages.

Also, arrange boxes by action. For instance, “donate”, “sell” and so on.

#5 Wrap Properly

Once you begin to pack follow these tips for success:

  • Group similar items to ensure they are relocated all together – i.e. tools from the same area of the workshop go into the same box
  • Protect fragile and/or sharp items with bubble wrap
  • Disassemble anything that can be disassembled
  • Use original packaging if available
  • Keep an eye on the weight of the boxes so they do not crush one another or ruin your back when unpacking or moving

Of course, one of the best tips is to eliminate last-minute stresses by getting a head start on any moving date. Begin a few months in advance and seriously consider beginning with the garage. It is the best place for sorting, packing and storing everything as moving day arrives.

It is also a good way to determine if the garage needs a good tune-up or even an outright change before you vacate the premises. To find out more about it, just contact us anytime at 1-800-244-9253. If it’s a new door you have in mind, we’ll send you a quotation by email, or just come to your home and explain the garage doors on the market best suited to your needs. We will also advise you on the best choices to make. You can even test out some styles using our online Design Centre, or look at our image gallery to get ideas and inspiration.


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