June 29, 2018

Your Garage as Your Favourite Summer Destination

Motocross.jpg Most of us view our garage as a place for parking the car, storing tools and infrequently used belongings or even that space with the spare fridge. However, it can also be a fantastic seasonal living space, and in this article we are going to look at what a properly insulated and prepared garage can become. In fact, when we are finished, we’re sure the garage may be a new, favourite destination.

So Many Uses

If you are like millions of other homeowners, you probably never thought about decorating the garage. However, give that a second thought because its size, location and options make it a remarkably flexible space. Just consider some of the best, alternative ways to use your garage this summer:

The Indoor-Outdoor Patio

Why struggle in the heat or direct sunlight of your backyard patio when the completely shaded and sheltered garage awaits! Ideal for summer parties with family, friends and neighbours, you can just open the door and setup seating and dining indoors and out. If it rains on the day of the event, you already have a great spot setup to gather, and if it is sunny, you are just steps from a great space to play games and socialize.

The Exercise Studio

With a thorough cleaning and an hour of work installing an exercise bar, a mirror or two and some speakers, you can create the ultimate space to workout. Keep in mind, you don’t have to fill it with machines. The garage is ideal as a cool and comfortable spot for a yoga practice space, dance studio or regular exercise routine.

A Space for the Kids

Whether you have kids, tweens or teens, the garage is a space you can make available for safe gatherings. Why worry about kids being at the park, mall or other unmonitored spots when you can turn the garage into the ultimate hang out for your children? Add a television and entertainment or gaming system, sound system, and lots of overstuffed furniture with side tables and coffee table and kids can do homework, hang out and safely have fun. You can enjoy knowing that the basketball hoop, safe driveway and yard are just outside for more active time together, too.

The Party Spot

If you have kids or just like to celebrate your household’s birthdays, the garage is the perfect spot for these events. Setup tables, decorate, create a spot for games, layout food and cake, and never worry about rain spoiling the day.

Optimize the Setup

Of course, you need to be sure the garage door is in good shape for the garage conversion scheme to work. If it is old, hasn’t been inspected or just doesn’t look good, contact International Door Corp, your specialist in garage door repair. Most often, you’ll require nothing more than tune-up, but if a new door is needed, we are glad to provide a free quotation through our website, and our Design Centre is also helpful for testing out a few styles before choosing.


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