Painting the Interior of Your Garage

Opened Garage If you have just made the wise choice of giving your garage a good cleaning, you might as well continue with a new paint job! Before you just into this project with both feet, you should take some time to plan out the materials and the steps necessary to pull it off like the pros.

A primary consideration is where you will keep the largest items in your garage. You do not want to leave them outside where they are not protected. You can consider storing them at a friend’s house nearby who has the space available for a while or go to a self-storage unit. Regardless, you will also need a way to get the items there.

Once you’ve completed this initial strategizing, here are some ideas to help you remain calm and well-organized so that you don’t get frustrated and ensure that the finished product is as desired.

Repair any cracks in the ceiling or walls

To begin, we are under the assumption that your ceiling and walls contain drywall. Take away any hardware such as hangers and hooks currently in the wall. Fill in the holes with drywall compound if you do not plan on putting them back in the same spot after you have painted. You should also wash and degrease the walls and baseboards. Be certain the walls are thoroughly dry before you begin painting.

Repair Wall Scratches

Paint the ceiling and walls

Aura PaintDepending on the current condition of your wall and ceiling, you might need to begin from scratch, meaning you’ll need to put on a base coat. This should remind you of the basic principle of painting – it is ok to apply water-based (latex) paint over oil-based (alkyd) paint, but the reverse is not true. These days, water-based paints are of better quality than you probably remember, and are they are more resistant to mildew and stain. Do not try to cheapen the quality of the paint you purchase, as this is a job you only will only be doing once every decade or so.

When choosing a color, opt for a light one, as it tends to reflect the most light. White is the most popular choice for ceilings, but you might choose a light shade of gray or brown for the walls as they tend to hide dirt better than a bright white color.

Prepare the concrete floor

You will want to give your floor a complete cleaning. Choose the product wisely, for instance, a degreaser, and be certain that you wear protective goggles, a mask and rubber gloves. Instead of purchasing a commercial cleaning product, you can combine it with your general floor cleaner. Mix three parts water for 1 part bleach. If necessary, use a detergent to take away oil or gas stains. It is extremely critical to properly ventilate the garage when making use of any cleaning product.

If there are large cracks on the floor, you’ll need to utilize a patching compound to fill them in. If necessary, use a grinder to ensure proper adhesion of the patching cement. After it is dry, polish the entire surface to even the floor out.  A resurfacer (100% acrylic concrete sealant with resin) can be used if the concrete was either unattractive or horribly stained. After any solution is applied to the floor, you need to wait a minimum 24 hours before going on to the next stage.

Patching Compound
Clear Sealer Can

Paint the concrete floor

Once the surface has been prepared and is sufficiently dry, use a latex paint (100% acrylic with polyurethane) with a satin finish. This is a better use of your money than epoxy paint. It is advisable to wait a minimum of 24 hours before putting on the second coat, if necessary.

If you decide to use epoxy paint, you need to use a catalyst. Split your floor into four sections and complete one at a time, as this product tends to dry very fast (in around 45 minutes). Only make enough of the paint for the section you need to cover. Make sure you do not apply just a thin coat of epoxy. It is more efficient to put it on a bit thicker to achieve a better result. Wait a day before walking on the surface and roughly a week before you decide to park your car in the garage again.

Latex Paint Can
Epoxy Paint Can
Worker Painting Floor

That’s all there is to it! The job is complete. As the proverb says, Patience and time do more than strength or passion. If you do not have the patience you need, and the time just isn’t there, consider contracting the job out to make sure it is done right.

Don’t forget your garage door…

Since you are making your garage look even better, take a gander at your garage door. If it is in need of a tune-up or you need a new one, contact us at 207-784-0622.

Our office can email you a comprehensive quotation, or we will come to your home to discuss your options. We will let you know what we think is the best fit given your needs, tastes and budget. If you need to change your door and would like to get a feel for what it might look like, visit our design center or take a look at our extensive image gallery of great looking projects.

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