August 31, 2018

Renovate the Garage to Improve Resale Value

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Making your home look nicer is a great way to increase its value when it’s time resell. You’ll not only be able to ask for more, but you’re more likely to catch buyers’ eyes in the first place, if your home looks nice inside and out.

How the Garage Impacts Resale Value

There is research that show that a garage does impact the resale value of a home. The first impression a buyer gets is of the façade of the house. If the outside is shabby or in poor condition, and that includes the garage door, it won’t give them a very good impression of the house. And because the garage door represents up to 45% of the width of the front of the home, if it shows signs of age and wear, the overall look of the home is certainly spoiled.

So think about the way the exterior looks the first time someone drives up to your home. Does the garage door give the place a run down look? Does it open and close smoothly, or does it have some difficulty? This may make the condition of the whole house seem questionable. Also consider what the inside of the garage looks like.

Here are ways to improve the appearance of your garage:

  1. Remodel the interior – Is your garage unfinished? Consider finishing it to make it look nice. Paint the concrete walls, add lighting fixtures, and make it look like a room that could be used for living in, not just storage.
  2. Fresh Coat of Pain – A fresh coat, in a light and modern color, makes the garage look clean and inviting.
  3. Declutter and Re-organize – It’s a good idea to make the place look large and tidy by getting everything in it very well organized. Start by taking advantage of all wall space to hang up some items (bicycles, gardening tools, sports items) and use high cabinets or shelving for what’s left. The entire space will feel much more open.
  4. A Working Garage Door – Be sure that the garage door is woring correctly and quietly to impress potential buyers. Get a tune up if you need it. Garage door specialists can inspect the door and make sure the entire system is working correctly.
  5. Replace the Garage Door – If you aren’t making the best first impression, consider if the outdated garage door could be replaced. If the style makes your home look less attractive, there are plenty of modern garage doors that can improve your curb appeal. These are affordable ways to get a much better deal for your home, and that means the ROI on this project is high enough to make it well worth the money and effort.

Let the Garaga Garage Door Specialists Help!

Get in touch with our professionals who are specialized in the sale and repair of garage doors. We can help you find the best garage door for your needs. Another helpful resource is to use our online Design Centre to pick out then view what a new garage door would look like!

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